Suiside is a sin.आत्महत्या _पाप_है.

Suicide is never a solution to any problem in this world. You may be going through many problems which may be beyond your capacity to bear but believe me there is solution to every problem in this world even if it won’t seem to. I tell this because I believe in Jesus Christ who tells us that He stands with us in very problem and has solution to all the problem; you just need to be patient because when the right time comes He will solve all your problems no matter in what condition you are. No matter you are Christian or not. 
But never think of suicide because we human beings do not have the authority to take our own lives. It is only the authority of The Father Almighty to take our life because He is the one who gave us life. And believe me if you commit suicide your soul goes directly into hell!Ya to hell not to heaven as we think . It goes to hell where there is no hope and where we have to suffer for eternity. So just think about it.! Its better to struggle in this world than to suffer in hell for eternity. Because in this world there is sure guaranteed hope you just need to be patient where as if you go to hell due to your mistake to committing suicide you will end up regretting for eternity because in hell there is no hope. 
You guys may be thinking why this girl is writing such things? 

But I just want people to know what are the consequences of the sinful act of committing suicide and also because the rates of suicide is increasing a lot! 
I just did my part to make people aware of this issue…. If anyone may feel this post as reasonable then please do share it because  it may help and save someone. 


#आत्महत्या _पाप_है. 


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