Peace be within you!

If someone ask me “What is the greatest gift in life?” I say its “peace”.What is peace? Can life without problems called peaceful? No! That’s not peace because life cannot  be void of problems. 

Many people say live the life as you want no matter whether you do right or wrong. But what happens at the end; just for the momentary happiness which is short lived people loose peace. And yes, peace is more superior attribute than happiness because I will put peace as “long lasting happiness”. 

Peace is the state of mind when one is free from the feeling of guilt and feeling the presence of Holy Trinity that is The Father Almighty, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit. 

Peace is something that has to be acquired and retained. As I said earlier peaceful life is not that which has no problem but peaceful life is the one where in we have hope that to every problem there  is a solution because we know that God is there  to solve all our problems and will help us to come through every problem because we know that we have done what is right in the sight of God and we all know that God will overload us with the graces in the lives who please Him. 

And believe me that peace is the only one thing we need in our life. Because when we are in peace we have happiness, we might not have everything but then also we will be content and will have a heart to love everyone. 

And I would also like to add that even by forgiving others for their faults brings us peace. 

So lets strive for not wealth, glamour or to be famous because all this are short lived. But lets strive for peace because as I said earlier its the long lasting happiness. 

At the end I would  also like to jot down a bible verses that Jesus said “Peace is what I leave with you ;it is my own peace that I give you. I do not give it as the world does. Do not be worried and upset;do not be afraid”. 



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