The Winter Season of My Life


This is a poem about the different phases of life we live and reach our old age. So it’s about all that we might feel about our journey especially when we reach our old age.

So here it is…

When, I look at my garden.

The seasons of my life scrolls through my eyes.

The seasons I came through;

To reach, the last season of my life.

When I look at the saplings of my own garden;

I remember, the summer season of my life.

The season of budding into a beautiful flower;

When I was nurtured by my gardener, with their warmth and care;

When, I was nurtured for my spring season of my life.

Time passed.

The spring season of my life came by;

Season filled with life, passion and freedom.

A season of love, hope and renewal;

Season when I faced both the phases of a day;

Mornings of success;

Nights of failure;

Lesson of this season:

After every cold night, there comes a refreshing morning.

Time passed.

The autumn season of my life came by;

Season both to saw and to rip;

Saw as a gardener the values my gardener saw on me.

Pay my gardener who had reached his winter season, for all the warmth and care.

Lesson of this season:

The best seed to rip in your garden was to secure your own winter season which is on its way, by paying your gardener.

Time passed.

Here is the season where everything reverses, the winter season;

My garden turns into my gardener.

Time for my young gardener, take care of me withering garden.

And I stop here wondering;

Will my young gardener make my winter little warm?

As this is the season of fading sunlight.

The season of loneliness and despair.

 ~@nju $unny…


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