Prayer for inner healing and santification

O Holy Spirit, who dwells in me, I praise you, worship you and thank you. I dedicate my life unconditionally to you. I surrender my heart, soul, mind, conscience, intellect feelings and emotions, sense organs and all the parts of my body, to you O divine spirit. O Spirit of God, come and fill  in me. Cleanse me from all impurities and blemish with the precious Blood of Jesus. O Lord, scantify my life from the  moment I was conceived in the womb of my mother. Pour out your healing touch to all my inner wounds. Restore in me the shortfall of love, which I should have received from my parents, brothers, friends and relatives. Remove all the sinful passions that reside within me. Cast out all the powers of darkness which affect and control my feelings, emotions and imaginations. O Divine Spirit, Cleanse me from hatred, bitterness, passions, jealousy, anger and selfishness and lead me to the state of freedom and joy which the children of God enjoy. 

O Holy Spirit, cleanse my conscience from all wrong convictions and knowledge. Enlighten me with your Wisdom. Scantify me from all the blemishes of sins and help me to  prepare myself as a perpetual offering to Heavenly Father, Amen. 

(Praise for a while the Holy Trinity for the infilling of the HOLY Spirit ) 


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